As you travel on interstates and come to the cities and towns along the way you often find Access Roads.  They parallel the interstate giving you easier access to roads and businesses in between the interstate’s exit ramps.  When you look ahead to your exit for retirement you may choose to continue to work part-time, consult or even start your own business.  We believe this is like traveling the Access Road.  You may have left the fast pace of your career but are not ready to fully exit working life, for some by choice for some by circumstance.  Either way the access road is about choice, providing you the opportunity to travel at a slower pace and take in a few of the sights prior to fully embracing your retirement lifestyle.

The benefits the Access Road can provide are numerous;

  • pursue opportunities not possible before
  • flexibility of work schedule (no longer the pressure of full time)
  • doing something you have always wanted to do not had to do
  • pursue something more satisfying
  • avoid boredom (for some the stark change from an active work life to retirement can be difficult)
  • need the income to complement other retirement income sources

There can be financial benefits as well;

  • It can delay withdrawals from your retirement assets allowing for additional growth.
  • Delay social security payments which can mean a larger payout once collected.
  • More financial flexibility

As you continue to travel down the road to retirement you may choose to exit on to and travel the Access Road for a short while or the rest of your life.  However, whenever and whatever exit you choose to retirement understand the options.  We all will travel our own route, understanding the road ahead will help you reach your retirement destination.


  • Working in retirement can be part of the plan.
  • It can create flexibility in reaching your destination
  • Staying engaged may be satisfying when done on your own terms
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