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In our 401k Advisory Services, Wealth Strategy Group takes the lead and helps implement a plan that is right for both the business and its employees. Business Owners and 401k Plan Sponsors are held accountable for the many complicated aspects of offering a retirement plan for their employees. These Fiduciary responsibilities can be daunting and confusing. Let our team assist you with the complexities of providing this great benefit to your valued employees.

Engage in Wealth Strategy Group’s 401K Advisory Services in any of the following areas.

  • Fiduciary Management
  • Retirement Plan Design
  • Investment Consulting
  • Employee Education
  • Vendor Benchmarking & Search

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Our Advisory Services assist Plan Sponsors in meeting the fiduciary demands of maintaining a compliant, healthy retirement plan.


Fiduciary Management

Fiduciary Review
Investment Selection
Ongoing Assessment
Documentation & Records
Investment Committee Oversight

Investment Consulting

IPS (Investment Policy Statement)
Investment Selection
Continual Monitoring

Retirement Plan Design

Employer contribution strategies
Evaluation of qualification and eligibility issues
Compliance and legislative changes
Support services to simplify plan administration
Behavioral finance integrated plan design
Optimal use of safe harbor, auto enrollment, and auto increase provisions

Employee Education

Participant Education
Implementation and monitoring of EPS (Education Policy Statement)
Explain importance of retirement planning and options available in their plan
Recommend an asset allocation model suited to their personal needs and goals
Conduct ongoing employee education meetings in either group or individual settings


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