New Job and Four Tips for Your New 401(k)

Saving for retirement is important for all ages, the key is to start early Land a great new job? Awesome. Now is the perfect time to think about your 401(k) and retirement plan, whether you had one before or not. Saving for retirement is important at all ages, so don’t let this opportunity fall to

Cash Balance Plan Fact Sheet

A cash balance plan is a qualified (tax-favored) retirement plan that combines the high contribution amounts of a defined benefit plan with the look, feel and portability of a defined contribution plan. For that reason, it’s called a “hybrid” plan.

Don’t Get Bit by the Sleeping Dog- Pay Attention to Your Company 401k

As we work with and educate business owners (Plan Sponsors) about their 401ks we often hear the statement, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” Not the answer you want to give an auditor from the Department of Labor (DOL) who is reviewing your 401K plan. For most business owners, I refer to 401K or retirement

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