april market update

Weekly Market Update for April 29th, 2019

General market news Rates moved lower last week, as the 10-year Treasury hit a high of 2.61 percent the previous week, moved to as low as 2.49 percent late last week, and opened at 2.52 percent early Monday. The curve remains flat and inverted on the short end. Continued volatility is expected in the weeks

Weekly Market Update for April 22nd, 2019

General market news Rates moved slightly upward last week, with the 10-year Treasury opening at 2.57 percent on Monday. The 30-year also moved higher, nearly hitting 3 percent midweek before settling back and opening at 2.97 percent on Monday. S. indices were mixed last week as cyclical stocks outperformed, while defensive names faced selling pressure.

Weekly Market Update for April 15th, 2019

General market news Rates moved higher late on Friday, with the 10-year Treasury jumping to 2.56 percent; it also opened there Monday morning. Meanwhile, the 2-year opened at 2.40 percent and the 30-year opened at 2.97 percent. The short end of the curve remains inverted, as the 3-year is yielding 2.36 percent and the 3-month

Weekly Market Update for April 30th, 2018

General market news The 10-year Treasury yield briefly broke above 3 percent late last week, reaching 3.033 percent. The 30-year opened Monday at 3.13 percent, after being as high as 3.21 percent last week and below 3 percent a little over a week ago. The 2-year continued its steady climb, reaching 2.50 percent last week,

Weekly Market Update for April 23rd, 2018

General market news Yields for intermediate and long-term Treasuries continued to rise last week. The 10-year yield opened Monday at 2.97 percent, putting it within striking distance of 3 percent, a level it hasn’t seen since late 2013. The 30-year yield also increased, starting the week at 3.15 percent. S. equity markets were up modestly

Weekly Market Update for April 9th, 2018

General market news Rates were slightly higher last week. The yield on the 10-year Treasury broke 2.80 percent to the upside, though it was back below that level on Friday and opened Monday at 2.79 percent. The 30-year spent much of last week below 3 percent, though it opened Monday at 3.03 percent. The 2-year,

Challenges Ahead

  We wanted to take a moment to let you know we have been watching things closely as we have seen volatility enter back into markets over the last two months.  January 2018 had everyone celebrating with a strong performance in the first month of the year.  Now two back to back negative months have

Weekly Market Update for April 2nd, 2018

General market news The yield on the 10-year Treasury broke the 2.80-percent level last Wednesday, though it was back down to 2.75 percent early Monday morning. The 30-year broke 3 percent on Friday and opened at 2.98 percent on Monday. The yield curve is the flattest it has been since October 2007. Though we are

Market Thoughts for May 2015

Brad McMillan, Commonwealth Financial Network’s chief investment officer, provides an update on the economy’s mixed performance in April, focusing on key economic indicators and the stock market. Brad also discusses how recent employment figures fit in with the recovery. Follow Brad at http://blog.commonwealth.com/independ….

Market Update for April

Market Update for the Month Ending April 30, 2015 Presented by Rich Tegge  Markets do well but . . . April was a good month for stock markets, as major indices climbed throughout most of the period, despite a pullback toward month-end. For the month as a whole, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up

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