Bill Gross

PIMCO and Bill Gross Departure

“Recently, Bill Gross resigned abruptly from PIMCO to join Janus Capital as a portfolio manager.  In the talking points below, we offer our perspective on the changes, explain their implications, and discuss how these issues could inform our thinking about investing PIMCO funds in the future….” Download the PDF for the full article:

Most ‘Medieval’

In days of old when knights were bold and ladies most beholden straw seemed like silk and water, milk and siver almost golden…. Click the PDF button to read more

On The Wings of an Eagle

I’ve always liked Jack Bogle, although I’ve never met him.  He’s got heart, but he’s probably joked a thousand times by now, it’s someone else’s; a 1996 transplant being the LOL explanation.  He’s also got a lot of investment common sense, recognizing decades ago that investment managers in composite couldn’t outperform the market; in fact,

Scrooge McDucks

With the budget and debt ceiling crises temporarily averted, perhaps a future economic priority will be to promote economic growth; one way to do that may be via tax reform.  How to proceed depends as always on the view of the observer and whether the glasses are worn by capital, labor or government interests. Click

Survival of the Fittest?

I hate crows and my wife Sue hates bugs, but like most married couples we have learned to live with our differences.  Crows eat bugs though, and bugs eat bugs, and that scientific observation sets the context for the next few paragraphs of this month’s Investment Outlook…

Bond Wars

The recent spike in interest rates has spooked bond investors and has created questions around the asset class.  Bill Gross of PIMCO directs the world’s largest bond fund and his insights are worth reading.  It is hard not to react to this recent spike in rates by lowering your exposure to bonds, in fact that

Bill Gross Investment Outlook

This months “Investment Outlook” by Bill Gross with PIMCO provides some great perspective on how QE (quantitative easing) around the globe is and could in the future impact investors.  In simple words he provides insight we all should pay attention to.  I hope you find it valuable, I did.

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