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Five Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs, Five Tips For Running a Business and Succession Planning 101

What does an entrepreneur need to create a dynamic company? The right mindset is a big part of it.

As an entrepreneur, you devote half your time or more to the daily hustle, making things happen and accomplishing goals. The other half is looking ahead, knowing where you want to be and when. For some, overcoming the mental anxiety of uncertainty is the first big step.

The nights of self–reflection during the early startup phase always give rise to a lot of our own demons and make us realize how little we know. But a big outcome of those conversations will be the realization that companies and startups are essentially a reflection of a founder. If you – as a founder don’t realize that – then it is going to be extremely difficult to build a long–term business.

Succession Planning for Women Business Owners 

Women entrepreneurs face a unique set of hurdles when it comes to starting new businesses, particularly in a post-pandemic world. In 2021, women started about 40 percent of all new businesses, and this figure has remained fairly steady for decades.1
With the unique stresses of operating a brand-new business, many women business owners may not give a lot of thought to succession planning. However, life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and succession planning can be a critical step in ensuring the long-term health and viability of your business. Below, we discuss a few tips and tricks when it comes to planning your business’s future.

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