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Weekly Market Update for December 17th, 2018

General market news The 10-year U.S. Treasury opened at 2.87 percent early Monday, while the 30-year opened at 3.13 percent. The 2- to 5-year part of the curve remains slightly inverted, with the 2-year yielding about 0.08 percent more than the 5-year. The 3-year currently has the lowest yield of all three Treasuries, at 2.715

Weekly Market Update for December 3rd, 2018

General market news Rates moved lower last week, breaking some support levels. The 10-year Treasury dropped below 3.05 percent and opened Monday morning at 3.03 percent. The short end of the curve has tightened, with the difference between the 2- and 5-year Treasuries only 3.5 basis points (bps). The spread had been as low as

Weekly Market Update, January 30 2017

Weekly Market Update, January 30, 2017 Presented by Rich Tegge General market news • The 10-year Treasury yield opened early this Monday morning at 2.46 percent, down from last week’s high of 2.55 percent. It has tested the 2.50-percent level a handful of times since mid-December but has come back down each time. Likewise, the

Beneficiary Planning

Beneficiary Planning: What You Need to Know Designating a beneficiary on retirement accounts is one of the most important—yet one of the most frequently neglected—retirement planning tasks. A beneficiary is  any person or entity that an account owner chooses to receive the benefits of a retirement account in the event the account owner dies. Here

Market Update for the Month Ending December 31, 2016

Strong end to the year for financial markets Confidence was the key for the U.S. economy and financial markets in December. U.S. markets ended the year on a high note, with all three major indices up for the month, capping off positive quarterly and annual returns. The Dow Jones Industrial Average led the way with

Outlook 2017: Faster Growth Likely as Recovery Accelerates

We started 2016 with the hope that it would be the year the economy normalized. But between the stock market pullback early in the year after the surprise Chinese devaluation; the political theatre surrounding the primaries and general election; the ongoing volatility in the oil market; and the sudden surge in the dollar, which hit

Weekly Market Update for December 19, 2016

General market news Yields moved higher last week after the Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it would increase the federal funds rate. The 10-year Treasury yield moved from 2.42 percent to as high as 2.64 percent on Thursday, opening this Monday morning at 2.55 percent. The 30-year yield went from about 3.08 percent to

Market Thoughts for December 2013

Brad McMillan, chief investment officer, discusses the U.S. economy, U.S. unemployment claims, effects from the federal shutdown, and the state of international markets. Follow Brad at

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