7 Estate Planning Topics to Discuss with the Family over Thanksgiving Dinner

One of the more difficult conversations for family members to have is talking about estate planning. There are several reasons for this, including the reality of our own mortality and that of our loved ones. In some families, it is an unspoken taboo to talk about money. Many parents don’t want their children to know how much they have or how much their children will receive after they die for fear the kids may become lazy or entitled or that they won’t understand their parent’s intentions for their estate. And so, no effort is made to create meaningful and beneficial dialogue.

Life Insurance: How Much Is Enough?

You may already be aware of the importance of having enough life insurance coverage to handle financial matters that could affect your family in the event of your death. However, determining the appropriate amount of coverage for your family can be complicated. Rather than using an arbitrary formula, such as having enough coverage to equal

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