Investor Psychology When Bull Markets Take Hold

Why most investors are not at all positive during a bull run – and miss out In the world of investing, there are few phrases as exhilarating as “bull market”. These words conjure images of an economy burgeoning with opportunity, a period when stock prices are on a steady upward trend, promising lucrative returns to

5 Tips for Saving and Investing as a Small-Business Owner 

As a business owner, putting all your profits back into the business may be tempting, especially during the lean years. However, when it comes to saving and investing as a business owner, there are other paths you could consider for the long run without so much emphasis on the short term. Maintain Liquid Assets Everyone

Take a Swing at Investing Like a Golfer 

Take a Swing at Investing Like a Golfer Golfing and investing may not seem to share much common ground at first glance. But the more you think about it, a successful golfer and a successful investor share a number of traits such as patience, perseverance, attention to detail, and intellectual curiosity. Below, we discuss a

When the Fed Speaks, Markets Listen

Subject: When the Fed speaks Markets Listen Well this has been a pretty interesting week for investors.  The stock market suffered a considerable drop over the past couple of days, coupled with significant drops in gold and bonds(bond values go down when yields go up)have created considerable concern and heartburn for investors .  Most attribute

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