recent market volatility

Time to Hit the Panic Button on Market Volatility?

Recent declines have taken the U.S. stock markets down more than 2 percent. Not surprisingly, worries have started to grow. After all, this could be the end of the bull market. But is it time to hit the panic button? The simple answer is no. Why? What we are seeing is actually normal volatility and

Jobs and Market Volatility

Recent Market Volatility, should investors be concerned?  See what Commonwealth Financials Chief Investment Advisor has to say about it….

When the Fed Speaks, Markets Listen

Subject: When the Fed speaks Markets Listen Well this has been a pretty interesting week for investors.  The stock market suffered a considerable drop over the past couple of days, coupled with significant drops in gold and bonds(bond values go down when yields go up)have created considerable concern and heartburn for investors .  Most attribute

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