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The Trump Tax Proposal: What You Need to Know

  This week, the White House unveiled its tax plan, proposing to cut taxes across the board, relieve millions of people from paying income taxes, and streamline filing—all while keeping the budget in balance (or at least not making the situation worse). But are the plan’s promises possible to fulfill, and does it stand a chance

Weekly Market Update for April 17th, 2017

General market news The yield on the 10-year Treasury opened at 2.20 percent Monday morning, its lowest level since last November. It took roughly three days for the 10-year to move from 1.82 percent to 2.20 percent following the election on November 7; as rates currently have momentum, we could see the 10-year move to

Last Quarter Market Update Webinar

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Market Update for the Quarter Ending March 31, 2017

General market news   U.S. equity markets had a very strong first quarter, despite mixed results for March itself. For the month, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.60 percent, while the S&P 500 Index and the Nasdaq gained 0.12 percent and 1.57 percent, respectively. For the quarter, the Dow returned 5.19 percent, the S&P

Weekly Market Update for March 27th, 2017

General market news The 10-year Treasury yield continued its sharp move lower last week, opening this Monday morning at 2.34 percent, its lowest level in almost four weeks. It had been at 2.62 percent less than two weeks ago. The 30-year Treasury yield, which had been as high as 3.21 percent two weeks ago, opened

Max Out Your Match

To Get the Most from Your Retirement Plan, Max Out Your Match You’ve probably seen promotions at your local bank that promise to reward you with $50 if you open a new checking account. Did you know that your employer may be offering a similar incentive, but with a greater financial reward? The idea of

Weekly Market Update for March 20, 2017

General market news The Federal Reserve rate hike last week reflected growing confidence in the U.S. economy, pushing equity markets higher. Meanwhile, the 10-year Treasury yield dropped from as high as 2.62 percent to below 2.5 percent. Historically, this has been typical behavior for the longer end of the curve. Volatility is to be expected

Weekly Market Update for March 13th, 2017

General market news Heightened anticipation of a Federal Reserve rate increase helped push the 10-year Treasury yield as high as 2.62 percent on Friday. The 10-year yield opened this Monday morning at 2.55 percent. Despite the hype surrounding a March rate hike, the longer end of the curve has remained within a range for the

Outlook 2017: Faster Growth Likely as Recovery Accelerates

We started 2016 with the hope that it would be the year the economy normalized. But between the stock market pullback early in the year after the surprise Chinese devaluation; the political theatre surrounding the primaries and general election; the ongoing volatility in the oil market; and the sudden surge in the dollar, which hit

Weekly Market Update for December 19, 2016

General market news Yields moved higher last week after the Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it would increase the federal funds rate. The 10-year Treasury yield moved from 2.42 percent to as high as 2.64 percent on Thursday, opening this Monday morning at 2.55 percent. The 30-year yield went from about 3.08 percent to

Weekly Market Update for November 28th, 2016

General market news Rates across the curve tested new highs last week. The yield on the 10-year Treasury was as high as 2.41 percent last Wednesday before falling to 2.32 percent early Monday; the 30-year yield touched 3.08 percent last Wednesday but opened lower at 2.97 percent this morning. The short end of the curve

Weekly Market Update for November 14th, 2016

General market news The 10-year Treasury yield climbed back up to where it began 2016, opening at 2.30 percent early this Monday morning. The 30-year yield moved above 3 percent for the first time since January, and the 2-year was approaching 1 percent for the first time in almost 11 months. The election of Donald

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